diao kai architect

diao kai architect


Diao Kai Architect 刁恺建筑工作室

DKA is a “laboratory” focused on the architecture practices and the architecture researches based in Paris, and we suggest exploring new equilibrium between object and subject, form and structure, singularity and generality, nature and human, algorithm and phenomenology, east and west.

DKA has been award the Frist Prize of Trophée Béton 2014- 2015, Prize with special mention of Grand Prix d’Architecture 2014- 2015 de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts, Frist Prize of 2013 UA Creation Award & International Concept Design Competition, President’s Award Program “50 Chinese Urban Planners in France” .

Diaokai Architect 刁恺建筑工作室是 基于建筑实践的基础上,刁恺立志于在主观与客观,形式与结构,特殊与普通,自然与人类,集群与现象学,东方与西方的研究中寻找新的联系。